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  • Spring Panfish: Time of Plenty

    With hungry fish prowling the shallows, spring is the favorite time of year for panfish anglers. Here's how to make the most of your time on the water during this season of rebirth – and fish aplenty! Read More

  • Tackle Tips: Buying Rods and Reels for Ladies

    Tackle makers have made stronger efforts to tailor rods and reels to the female fisherman in recent years, and retailers have made it easier for shoppers of both sexes to find them. Read More

  • Welcome to the Next Generation

    In 1976, Ugly Stik® began a journey that would provide many anglers with their most memorable fishing moments – creating the original Shakespeare Ugly Stik®. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik is known as an icon in the fishing world and very little has changed about the rod since its inception, until now. The new Ugly Stik® GX2™ is set to continue the legacy that was established 37 years ago, As a replacement series Read More

  • Crappie hunting just got more exciting

    True crappie anglers want specific gear that will fit their needs. Those same anglers are also looking for something that can withstand a wide array of conditions and abuse. Shakespeare has created the new Crappie Hunter™ series of rods and combos specifically designed for the avid crappie angler. Read More

  • Ugly won’t quit

    The new Ugly Stik® GX2™ rod and reel combos deliver in all aspects of performance and offer the best value and toughest low-profile, spinning, underspin and spincast combos on the market. The full line of GX2 Combos provide anglers of any level the opportunity to select what they feel most comfortable fishing. Read More

  • Warranty & Service

    Read More

  • Teach Your Kids to Fish in 10 Easy Steps

    Fishing with kids is a great family outdoors activity. To make the experience fun, safe and pressure free, consider these 10 steps. Read More

  • Hide-a-Hook Bobber - Hook fish, not parents

    The Shakespeare® Hide-a-Hook Bobber™, the 2012 ICAST award winner for Best Kids Tackle, has been extremely popular with kids of all ages. However, any adult who has fished with kids know the true value of this product. The Hide-A-Hook bobber puts adults’ minds at ease because there is no fear of getting stuck by a flailing, exposed hook on the end of a child’s fishing rod. Read More

  • Shakespeare Ugly Stik Sets Facebook Mark

    There is no doubt Shakespeare Ugly Stik is one of the most recognizable rods in the fishing community. This is evident on the store shelves, on the water and now online. A popular site for anglers to share success stories, the Ugly Stik Facebook page has recently eclipsed over 500,000 fans. Read More


    Kid’s tackle is the most important tackle. It is the link between creating anglers for life or sitting on the couch playing video games. There was a new Ugly Stik® Youth combo introduced at the ICAST 2013 show in Las Vegas, Nev., and industry leaders recognized it. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2™ Youth combo was awarded the Best Kid’s Tackle Award at the 2013 ICAST show. Read More

  • Getting Reel: Plain Talk about Fishing Reels

    Before you become baffled by the vast variety of reels or frightened by a price tag, take some time to understand the fundamental differences between reels and how to make a smart decision on your next reel purchase. Read More

  • Ice Fishing Fundamentals: The Cold Facts!

    Ice fishing is fun and a surprisingly effective way to catch fish. And with the equipment and apparel now available, there's no need to be left out in the cold! Read More

  • Spring Clean-up: Preparing Your Gear for the Season

    Start off the new fishing season with fresh line, rejuvenated tackle and a clean slate! Read More

  • Beginner's Guide to Catfish Fishing

    Fishing for catfish is fun. They fight hard, are plentiful and taste great on the dinner table. Use this short guide when giving catfish fishing a try. Read More

  • New Spin on Popular Agility Series

    Anglers tend to look for great looking gear these days as they seek out the best fishing waters. The latest offering from Shakespeare® rings loud and true to today’s angler. The Shakespeare Agility™ series has an aggressive look and possesses many features that even the most seasoned anglers will appreciate. Read More

  • Shakespeare Announces Support to Fishing's Future

    Shakespeare® and Fishing’s Future share the same goal; to help families connect through fishing. This is precisely why Shakespeare announced today its support of the organization with a $5000 cash donation plus $5000 in fishing gear. Read More