Catch More Fish™ Catfish Kit

Catch More Fish™ Catfish Kit


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With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® tackle box kit anglers will have the basic tackle needed to land that big cat all in one convenient location. 
  • Includes Berkley® Gulp!® catfish chunks, pre-tied bottom and float rigs and tackle box
  • Durable tackle tray with latches
  • Bait:
  • Berkley® Gulp!® catfish chunks
  • Tackle:
  • 3 - Pre-tied J-Hook with mono leader and barrel swivel
  • 4 - J-Hooks
  • 3 - Treble Hooks
  • 5 - Barrel Swivels
  • 2 - Egg Sinkers
  • 4 - Split Shots
  • 1 - Long Bobber
  • 1 - Green Stringer
  • 5 - Florescent Beads
  • Carolina Rig
  • Thread egg sinker on the line, followed by a florescent bead.
  • Tie line to the barrel swivel and leader.
  • Carefully slide Gulp® Catfish chunk onto the hook.
  • Fishing Tips
  • This simple bottom fishing rig helps anglers keep from getting snagged on the bottom. When a catfish bites, this rig allows the fish to pick up the bait without feeling the weight of the sinker. Bottom fishing is one of the most popular methods used for cat fishing as they are predominately bottom feeding fish. Catfish can be found in deep holes, bends, and creek beds on rivers, lakes, and ponds. Catfish also tend to hide in thick cover. Try fishing around the outside of fallen trees, log jams on rivers, or underwater structures, Catfish sit inside these cover areas and wait to ambush prey as it floats or swims by.
  • Floating Rig
  • Attach the float to the line by running it through both ends of the float. You may need to adjust how high or low you want the float depending on the depth you want to fish.
  • Tie a j-hook or treble hook baited with a Gulp® Catfish chunk to the end of the line.
  • Crimp a split shot six inches above the hook.
  • Fishing Tips
  • Float rigs are great for shallow water and help anglers cover a lot more water. Float rigs can be very effective when fishing rivers. Cast upstream and allow the float to work its way back in the current. Float rigs also allow anglers to fish areas with thick cover like fallen trees and over hanging limbs without getting hung up on bottom. Float rigs are also great for fishing from the bank because it allows your bait to get out further than you can cast.

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