Catch More Fish™ Lake Pond Kit

Catch More Fish™ Lake Pond Kit


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With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® tackle box kit anglers will have the basic tackle needed to land that fish all in one convenient location. 
  • Includes Berkley®PowerBait® shaky worms and power minnows, spinner grubs, jig heads, live bait tackle and tackle box
  • Durable tackle tray with latches
  • Bait:
  • Berkley®PowerBait® Shaky Worms and Power Grubs
  • Tackle:
  • 2 - Spinner Grubs
  • 5 - Grubs
  • 4 - 3/0 Worm Hooks
  • 5 - Bream Hooks
  • 3 - Jig Heads
  • 2 - Bobbers
  • 5 - Split Shots
  • Texas Rig
  • Insert hook into nose of PowerBait®, shaky worm.
  • Pull hook through body, rotate hook and embed the point.
  • Rigged bait should be straight, with hook point at the surface.
  • For fishing in deeper water, crimp a split-shot weight 3-6 inches above the hook.
  • Fishing Tips
  • A Texas rig excels for fishing in thick cover. Cast or pitch into weeds, brush or rocks where big bass often lurk. Drag it through cover or along structures like underwater points. To fish thick shallow cover, drop the rig vertically into spots with a long rod. It sinks into the strike zone with no splash to alarm bass.
  • Jig Head
  • Insert the hook into the nose end of the PowerBait®, power grub.
  • Thread the bait onto the hook. When the hook reaches the middle of the bait, push the end of the hook out of the bait.
  • Slide the bait towards the head of the jig.
  • Fishing Tips
  • This rig is effective for a large variety of freshwater species. Always try to keep your bait straight on the hook so it gets its intended action. Fishing with a jig head can be effective when fishing in deeper lakes and ponds. Make long casts and reel it in with a steady retrieve. Also, try bouncing the jig head off the bottom and twitching the rod as you retrieve to create a darting and diving motion with the lure.

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