Catch More Fish™ Surf Pier Kit

Catch More Fish™ Surf Pier Kit


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With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® tackle box kit anglers will have the basic tackle needed to fish the surf or pier all in one convenient location. 
  • Includes Berkley® Gulp!® shrimp and crabs, pre-tied bottom rigs, fish- finder surf rig, jig heads and tackle box
  • Durable tackle tray with latches
  • Bait:
  • Berkley® Gulp!® Shrimp and Peeler Crabs
  • Tackle:
  • 2 - Pre-tied J-Hook with mono leader and barrel swivel
  • 2 - Double hook bottom rig
  • 5 - 3/0 J-Hooks
  • 2 - Jig Heads
  • 3 - Barrel Swivels
  • 2 - Sinker Slides
  • 1 - Reef Sinker
  • 1 - Pyramid Sinker
  • 5 - Florescent Beads
  • Jig Head
  • Insert the hook into the nose end of the bait.
  • Thread the Gulp® shrimp or peeler crab onto the hook. When the hook reaches the middle of the bait, push the end of the hook out of the bait.
  • Slide the bait towards the head of the jig.
  • Fishing Tips
  • Always try to keep your bait straight on the hook so it gets its intended action. Fishing with a jig head can be effective when surf or pier fishing. When fishing from a pier make long casts and reel it in with a steady retrieve. Also, try bouncing the jig head off the bottom with a slow retrieve.
  • Pyramid Sinker
  • Attach pyramid sinker to sinker slide.
  • Thread the line through sinker slide followed by the florescent bead.
  • Tie line to the barrel swivel with pre-tied leader and hook.
  • Carefully slide a Gulp® shrimp or peeler crab onto the hook.
  • Fishing Tips
  • When fishing in the surf try different length casts. Sometimes the fish tend to be close to the beach, or in other cases they are out past the waves. Look for bait fish like mullet and menhaden “dancing” in the surf and target these areas. Fish also tend to hold near rock jetties, beach piers, and gullies formed by sandbars. The key to feeling the bite in the surf and keeping your bait from being dragged in by the waves is to keep a tight line. Cast out and then reel up a few cranks until you feel the pressure of your weight anchored in the sand.

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